Plugin ABP Force Portal
This plugin forces an user who didn't came on the forum since a delay you fix (in hours) to land to the portal if he access the index page.

Category : Miscealanous

Stable release :

Changelog :
  • Version 1.0 (04-09-2015)
    • Initial release
Version 1.3 (04-14-2015)
  • addition of separate settings for members and guests
  • changed the delay fields in numeric
Version 1.5 (04-17-2015)
  • added codename setting to allow the update notification
  • moved (de)active to (un)install


Note : the version 1.4 may not be used, the constant name CODENAME I used is too generic. The current version uses a specific constant name (CN_ABPFP)
Version 1.7 (02-23-2016)
  • added a way to exclude some groups of being redirected

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