Plugin ABP GeSHi
This plugin is an implementation of GeSHi (Generic Syntax Highlighter - for MyBB.

No changes have been made to GeSHi, so you can easily change the version.

Use the MyCode [ geshi=lang ] [ /geshi ] to have your code highlighted. If the language is not supported, a list of supported languages will be displayed.

Installation / Upgrade
Upload the content of the UPLOAD directory to your forum root and activate the plugin.

Actually, only one setting exists: the display of line numbers (default off).

Download : stable version
Small test:
  1. <?php
  2. $i = 0;
  3. while ($i<42) {
  4. echo 'Hello world';
  5. $i++;
  6. }

  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. i=0
  3. while [ $i -lt 42 ]
  4. do
  5. echo "Hello world"
  6. i=$[$i+1]
  7. done

  1. set i 0
  2. while {$i <42} {
  3. puts "hello world';
  4. incr i
  5. }

nolang is not a supported langage
List of available langages :
cpp-qt, abap, xml, genero, powershell, boo, cpp, sdlbasic, mxml, gwbasic, python, apache, logtalk, thinbasic, winbatch, blitzbasic, text, rsplus, genie, coffeescript, scilab, falcon, plsql, reg, kixtart, javascript, haskell, lolcode, vbnet, gdb, rpmspec, fsharp, actionscript3, dcpu16, providex, applescript, icon, asm, mysql, oracle11, cfm, lotusscript, dot, spark, modula3, rails, avisynth, rexx, vedit, pys60, 4cs, asymptote, mpasm, pycon, glsl, intercal, freeswitch, php, modula2, dcs, progress, html4strict, c, latex, pike, pf, io, gettext, scheme, sparql, dos, stonescript, lua, nsis, cuesheet, properties, urbi, sas, visualprolog, ecmascript, 6502tasm, z80, xpp, bibtex, arm, unicon, hicest, xbasic, bash, erlang, smarty, euphoria, php-brief, oracle8, epc, j, gml, oberon2, purebasic, vim, tcl, bnf, llvm, magiksf, csharp, freebasic, cfdg, dcl, q, systemverilog, basic4gl, octave, diff, actionscript, cmake, html5, gambas, ocaml-brief, lb, ruby, vb, tsql, java, ini, awk, oobas, nagios, uscript, div, scala, newlisp, locobasic, autoconf, 68000devpac, algol68, idl, fortran, typoscript, parasail, whitespace, lotusformulas, email, klonec, pcre, robots, mirc, klonecpp, lsl2, autoit, matlab, 6502kickass, parigp, povray, zxbasic, ldif, java5, cil, hq9plus, lisp, cadlisp, css, netrexx, m68k, clojure, haxe, prolog, eiffel, mapbasic, oorexx, powerbuilder, verilog, chaiscript, caddcl, per, ocaml, ada, inno, e, postgresql, bf, proftpd, perl6, yaml, f1, lscript, qbasic, groovy, smalltalk, make, autohotkey, d, fo, pixelbender, gnuplot, teraterm, apt_sources, xorg_conf, objc, asp, upc, 6502acme, pic16, bascomavr, rebol, c_mac, perl, pli, mmix, pascal, delphi, oxygene, objeck, go, oz, visualfoxpro, cobol, whois, vhdl, jquery, c_loadrunner, sql, vala

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