Plugin ABP lightIRC chat
This plugins adds a chat page to let your user connecting to your IRC channel, whith the flash lightIRC interface.
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Stable release :

Changelog :
  • Version 1.2 (14-03-2015)
    • Correction of a silly call to a table from another plugin.
    • Suppression of query for user group unused
  • Version 1.1 (17-09-2014)
    • Modifications in the menu item display, using MyBB 1.8 style
  • Version 1.0 (11-09-2014)
    • Initial release
Hi CrazyCat,

Here I am Smile
My suggestion is to incorporate a style selection to the ABP lightIRC chat plugin that you've done (such a nice plugin Smile ).
I'm currently using Ajax chat on my MyBB forum and I like their system for the style selection (simple and efficient):

In Lightirc, the following style are available:
  •    Default
  •    Black
  •    Blue
  •    Darkorange
  •    Green
  •    Lightblue
  •    Yellow

The default is the style used in the present plugin version I think (white background), the majority of MyBB installation will come with a white background too so this style as default is a good choice.

Concerning an advanced style selection, I've think about it. An easy way for people to create their own style would be a color selection for a few element: background, border, default color for police character. But these parameters should be store in database in order to permit the user to have its preference every time he is coming back on the chat.
But I'm not sure this would be really important. Having some predefined styles with light and dark style could be enough.

PS: I've began to create my post in another section of the forum and I've uploaded the same attachment. I couldn't remove it myself (attachment number 8), if you can remove it via the administration panel.
I'll do really soon a new version with the theme selector. I'll use the latest version of lightIRC and add a way to use the ssl connection (+ prefix in port ?).

And I'll redo completely the plugin to follow the development precepts from mybb, this plugin is quite old and badly done Smile
Version 2.0
  • Changed the version of lightIRC : Version 1.3.4 Build 160 (11. May 2015)
  • Refactoring the plugin to follow the MyBB precepts of coding
  • Added all language selection
  • You can now select a color set (included in lightIRC)
  • Now using language file for ACP

You must have installed lightIRC
  • Unpack the archive
  • Copy the content the UPLOAD directory in your forum's root directory.
  • Install and activate the plugin from the ACP
  • Configure the plugin

  • Update your lightIRC version
  • Uninstall completely the previous plugin
  • Install the new one

.zip (Size: 3.5 MB / Downloads: 3)
What ?! Already ?! :O

I've some work for today but I will install it this week.

Thank you so much for your work !

Edit : I just look to the preview available on myb mods. The color preset is available in ACP. I do not see color selection on the lightirc public integration. Is it in the "menu" tab or users can't defined their own style ?
(05-19-2015, 04:31 PM)OldDuck Wrote: Edit : I just look to the preview available on myb mods. The color preset is available in ACP. I do not see color selection on the lightirc public integration. Is it in the "menu" tab or users can't defined their own style ?

Actually, I've added only the lightIRC presets for everybody, I'm now testing to see what could be simpliest for the user, and how to do that.
And I've a small trouble to find how to let the user choose his colors, but I'll have a solution soon Big Grin
Ok, thank you Big Grin .
Take your time, I wasn't even expected your v2.0 so fast ^^ I was just asking to know if I had well explained my suggestion.
You well explained Smile
When the plugin will be more advanced, there will have two things:
- admin can, from ACP, define a predefined colorset,
- users, from their CP, could override some settings as background (chat and user list, text color, borders (really useful ?)).

I'm looking for a simple color picker to help the users to choose, I don't want to make presets for them.
I've suggested borders as in the different lightirc styles available they use the border to change the style. For borders I wasn't telling the css border but as I show on this picture, the color number 2 :

As a color picker, there is jscolor ( ) which permits an easy selection without too many options.
Oh, I understand what you mean, so yes, borders Smile
And I'll use the jscolor, really simple to install and use.

I'll try to do the new version with user options next week.

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